Create ML – Training Data Error

When importing a folder of images into Create ML, you may encounter the following error message:

Training Data Error

Empty table from specified data source

What this seems to actually mean is that there is something in the folder that is not:

  • an image
  • a JSON file with annotations for the images

If, for example, you are using RectLabel to annotate your images, there will also be an annotations folder with your images. You will need to remove this before the folder can be processed.

Once you’ve cleaned up your images folder, hit Rescan and they should be read properly and you can proceed to train your model.

AWS SNS and “File type is not supported or file has been corrupted”

I spent a rather frustrating few hours this morning trying to get push notifications set up on Amazon’s Simple Notification Service.

In the Getting Started with APNS, there is a section on converting the p12 formatted file exported from the key chain and converting it into pem format.

If you try and use this pem file in the management console, the following error is returned:

File type is not supported or file has been corrupted

What you actually need to upload is the p12 version.

Another post in theĀ Wisdom of the Ancients series.