Another Six Months of iPhone App Stats

It’s been six months since my last post on download stats for my apps, so it’s time for an update. Again, this is as much to have the stats somewhere for when I want them as talking about them. The following are the downloads and updates from the 4th of July 2011 to the 1st of January 2012 with some commentary on the apps.
Downloads: 713 (up 19 on previous 26 weeks)
Updates: 2,424 (3 updates released)
I’ve already posted about the performance of the app in and around budget week. Apart from that week, it trundles along with a few downloads every day. I’m expecting a slight uptick in downloads for January since people will want to check their pay slips. The app still has an edge over its paid competitors as it is the only one that handles the 2012 tax year.
Downloads: 5,014 (up 684 on previous 26 weeks)
Updates: 90 (no updates released)
This app has been holding its own with it being my most downloaded app pretty much every day (only beaten once by and once by Pint of Plain). There’s been a few surges in popularity, for example when adverts were first introduced to the desktop site and another over Christmas when people got iPhones as presents. Its popularity though is all down to the content rather than it being a particular good app.

It does need a refresh and a couple of bug fixes, but finding the time to do them and test it properly is problematic. Maybe I’ll get a chance to breath this year and get around to it.

Pint of Plain
Downloads: 1,928 (down 661 on previous 26 weeks)
Updates: 1,975 (1 update released)
The main reason for the single update made to the app in the last 6 months was to switch from just serving ads from iAd to using the MoPub service. It’s not worked out great for me as I just don’t serve the volume of ads needed to make anything from them. The ads are a bit annoying so I may just take them out again completely.

Like Broadsheet, the app saw a noticeable jump in downloads on Christmas Day and St. Stephen’s Day.
Downloads: 571 (down 719 on previous 26 weeks)
Updates: 29 (no updates released)
This app really doesn’t get the love it deserves. However, it’s still getting a bit of interest with a handful of downloads each day. You can always tell when Darren’s just done a wedding as there’s a small spike in the downloads. With a relaunch of the website planned soon, there will probably be a refresh of the app to match.

My main disappointment with the app though is that no one has actually used it to buy a print. Whether this is a problem with how the purchase system works or just that people rather ringing up and talking directly to Darren about them I don’t really know. Still, I do really like how the frame selection works.

I didn’t get to release anything new in the last six months, but I have a couple of ideas percolating that might actually see the light of day soon. It’d be nice to talk about something other than the same four apps.

Apple released their auto-injest tool over the summer and since the 1st of September, I’ve been recording the app download stats locally. This will make posts like this a bit easier since my tool scrapes both of my accounts and presents the lot at once.

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