A Broadsheet New Year

It’s that time of year where you look back and see how things went.  So without further ado, here’s how Broadsheet.ie did in the last year.

The Big Numbers

Year-on-year there has been:

  • 110% increase in visits to just under 12.5 million
  • 95% increase in unique visitors to a smidgin over 3 million
  • 127% increase in pageviews to 29.1 million

Where Are Your People From?

The lion’s share of visits (72%) were from Ireland as you’d expect.  After that it drops off very quickly with the UK (10%), USA (5%), Australia (1%) and Germany (1%) rounding out the top 5.

Within Ireland, Dublin accounts for 57% of traffic and Cork 3% so we can be excused for a slight bias towards the capital.

Mucky Minds All Round

It will come as no surprise that the top three posts of the year were all mucky and not safe for work (even possibly life).

How They’re Finding Us

Apart from the usual crowd that put in some form of ‘Broadsheet’ as the search term, the top five search terms just re-enforces the idea that the readers have dirty minds with Rosanna Davison appearing twice.

  • rosanna davison
  • niamh horan
  • rosanna davison playboy
  • katie taylor
  • mario balotelli

Mario appears there because whenever he does something mad on the pitch or the news, people find the ‘Mario Balotelli: What A Legend‘ post.

The Window You Look At The Internet Through

Chrome dominates with 33% of users (up 7%), with the increase taking a chunk out of Firefox (21%) and Internet Explorer (17%).

Microsoft is slowly losing the OS battle with it slipping 4% to 61% of traffic while OS X (20%) and Linux (1.1%) both changed by under .5% each

About 16% of traffic comes from mobile devices and iOS is the big winner there accounting for 11%.

Have an Appy New Year

The much neglected iPhone App had 9,249 downloads last year.  For something that was thrown together over a couple of days Christmas two years ago, it does okay for itself.

An update is in the works at the moment which has some interesting things in it.

That’s all for now – there’ll be the usual Broadsheet birthday post later in July with more stat porn.


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11 thoughts on “A Broadsheet New Year”

  1. Pretty please, let us have some stat-porn regarding Broadsheet’s commenters some time soon. The Guardian recent stats on their commenting community really implies that they’re more trouble than they’re worth, so it’d be interesting what Broadsheet’s community contributes.

  2. I love a good pile of stats, so this is pretty interesting. Do you use Google Analytics or something like it?

    Also, that’s an alarmingly large number of people using IE, I’ll be optimistic and say they’re all on work computers.

    Anyway, cheers for that (oh and all your broadsheeting)


    1. Yup, all culled from Google Analytics.

      IE has been steadily decreasing over the last few years and I’d agree that a good chunk of people still using it are on work machines with no other options.

  3. Are city stats that reliable?

    Always thought most visits were just reported at the location of the ISP’s main data centre, so mostly Dublin, Leixlip, etc.

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