Slides From The Broadsheet Talk For Refresh Dublin

These are the slides from my talk in the Science Gallery for Refresh Dublin. All the links mentioned in the slides are below.

Top of the Posts

The top 5 posts (in reverse order):

What Got People Going?

The top 5 most commented posts (in reverse order):

The Apps

iPhone code:
Android code:

2013/7/30 Clarification on App Download numbers

The numbers shown are for the last 12 months (like the rest of the stats) not the total downloads. The iPhone app has around 27K total downloads which is why the user numbers are higher than the total downloads shown.

5 thoughts on “Slides From The Broadsheet Talk For Refresh Dublin”

  1. Hi Karl,
    Enjoyed reading your presentation.
    Love the fact that you know how to put one together too! Content and information over visuals every time!

    Fair play, in fairness!

  2. Great post Karl, very interesting to see how the site is going.

    Two things:
    Total app downloads: 12169; active users: 14184. How does that arise?

    How reliable is that comments per author figure? It just seems strange that 82.9% of comments are from authors with <11 comments to their name.

    Thanks as always for putting this stuff out there.

    1. On the app downloads they’re just the last years worth. The iPhone app has something like 27k total downloads.

      On the commenters, that’s what I would expect. There’s usually a few very active commenters and then people who just throw out the odd comment. You’d see a similar break down on most forums and blogs.

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